Meet Ric

Drummer Ric SchroederRichard Schroeder was born in Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania. He started playing drums as a teen and when he started driving, one of his first cars was a van. He would load up a set of drums and go to a parking lot after the stores closed and practice right in the van – talk about a mobile studio!

Ric has played in many different types of bands – Country, Rock, Top 40, and Blues. But the type of music he likes to play the best is good music, no matter what label is put on it. “Every song has something in it to have fun with, whether it’s changing things around or working as hard as we can to make people want to get up and dance,” says Ric. He wants people to be able to say “I remember where I was or what I was doing when I first heard that song.” Ric Schroeder on drums

As Ric likes to say, “A life without music would be a mistake,” and he sends his love to all.

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