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Rocky in the band called “Forcer.”

Rocky in the band called “Forcer.”

Rocky Morrill was just 12 years old when he first heard Jimi Hendrix. From that moment on, he never stopped wanting to play guitar. Growing up listening to Eric Clapton, he learned Southern Rock listening to Lynard Skynard, and jazz listening to McLaughlin. By the time he was in his twenties,  Rocky was playing in cover bands nightly. He started writing original songs after years of playing AC/DC tunes night after night. He was in a band called “Forcer” and it had a great run, traveling the country playing their own material. “Metal Forever.” They lived and survived the 80’s metal scene, recording three albums with some success – “Razor Sharp,” ”Indestructible,” and “Standing Room Only.” A documentary called “1984” by acclaimed producer Rudy Childs is scheduled to debut in 2016,  and the band Forcer will be featured.

St. Petersburg FL band Twisted Revolvers guitarist Rocky Morrill

Rocky and his “Love You Dead” bandmates.


Then in the 90’s came a Grunge Metal-Hard Punk kind of band called  “Love You Dead.”  This very talented group of guys recorded a self-titled album in Baltimore’s OZ Studios.

Rocky in "The Proper Villains" band.

Rocky in “The Proper Villains” band.




Rocky moved to St. Petersburg, Florida in 1995,  wrote some more songs, gathered another group of cool musicians and recorded his fifth album. The band was “The Proper Villains,” and their album Throwing Stones was a great musical experience!!

More recently Rocky has been playing modern country music and gigging all over southwest Florida. He’s spent a number of years playing in bands with his good friend Bobby Blu Warnick, describing him as “one of the truly pure bassists” ever. Rocky met vocalist Stacey Bush a couple of years ago and somehow knew they would be performing together one day. Rocky describes her as a “shining star,” and remembers Rocky Morrill of Twisted Revolvers, a St. Petersburg FL band and his wife Kim.feeling ecstatic the day she told him that she was looking for a band.  The nucleus of the new Twisted Revolvers band was set. They started rehearsing and searching for the last piece of the puzzle. Ric Schroeder signed on in 2016 as drummer – a consummate professional, talented and fun to be around. As Rocky puts it, “The band is fun and I get to hang out with some really cool people. I look forward to every moment we create music.”

Rocky spends his days now in the Florida sun with his wife Kim, whom he calls the most incredible woman he ever met. “Kim is the love of my life – she means everything to me and keeps me smiling no matter how tough life gets!!”

Call Rocky at (727) 278-3140 to book Twisted Revolvers for your next event!

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